Investment Parameters

SLV’s primary focus is in residential communities, preferably larger master-planned single and multi-family communities with amenities, and multiple housing products.

SLV is a long-term investor with a 10-year horizon for acquisition and eventual disposition. We are focused on strategic value-added opportunities that oftentimes take a little extra time and effort to yield maximum returns.

Investment targets:

  • $30M or greater for any single deal
  • Transactions of at least 3 years – Target Equity multiple of 1.6x
  • Longer term investor
  • Superior locations in select markets
  • Minimal entitlement risk
  • Invest in both finished lots or lots with remaining development to complete

SLV invests in all facets of residential land, including mixed use projects and land entitlement.

SLV will acquire distressed loan portfolios or debt instruments and work towards an amicable resolution with the borrower, which may lead to future development.

SLV partners with financial institutions in select core markets and will provide asset management and guidance in asset performance.